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Most of our clients know us well, this is always evident around Christmas when they show up with our favourite drinks (beers for those playing at home). Over the past few years we have taken on a bunch of awesome new clients , we figure it is time to let them and all of you in on our charming traits, motivators and personal interests.

Over the coming weeks we will share a little of each of our staffs’ stories – personal, professional and no doubt with a tad of humour.

First up…. Holly Masters!! Holly takes care of all things operational at Morgan Printing – finance, new business and on the creative side – marketing, web and social media. Since joining me at Morgan Printing when we took over the business together in 2013 she has helped me to view this little gem of ours from more of a business perspective, and greatly helped in balancing out my creative flightiness with her wealth of corporate experience and depth of business knowledge. She is also my beautiful wife and mother to our 2 year old daughter Hannah, so she looks after me when we’re not working too.


Getting To Know Holly

Three words to describe yourself?

Passionate, organised and loyal.

What motivates you to work hard?

My parents taught me a strong work ethic from a young age, I was always told the importance of showing up and giving something your all. When owning your own business you really are in the drivers seat of your life, what you get out of it has a direct relationship to what you put in and on top of all that I really love Morgan Printing and the role I play in the business.

Proudest accomplishment?

Personally – Our daughter Hannah. Professionally – Our first year of owning Morgan Printing, we surpassed a lot of goals and had so much fun doing it.

What goals have you set for 2015?

I would like to  introduce Morgan Printing’s services to a broader range of clientele, there are so few printers that have a balance of offset, letterpress and digital in their offering; along with good design it really does make the opportunities we offer in this medium endless.

I have a few businesses on my wish list to work with so i will endeavour to connect with some of them……. and I am determined to work the Heidelberg Platen and learn the letterpress process.

What interests do you have away from Morgan Printing?

Reading, Music, Feminism, Spirituality, Politics, Meditating and bad reality television.

What song would you sing at Karaoke?

Beyonce Grown Woman or Mr Big To Be With You…… don’t judge me.

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