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Not only a great printer and employee, but a devoted family man and a great bloke, we introduce our Lead Printer Tony Salvatore. Tony takes charge of the offset part of the business, where he has a pride for his work and an eye for detail like no other.

Tony starts and finishes his day with the same huge smile and enthusiasm that only someone with a true love for his craft exudes. No job is too much effort; either on the presses or any other aspect of the business he can help with.

Tony has over 20 years service with Morgan Printing and we want to have him for another 20 more, unless we can clone him.


Getting To Know Tony

Three words to describe yourself?
Loyal, trustworthy and honest.

What motivates you to work hard?
Seeing the end product is perfect and the client is happy.

Proudest Accomplishment?

The hard jobs, when a hard job goes though the press and processes with any headaches.

The best part about working at Morgan Printing?
Management always appreciate the work I do.

What interests do you have away from Morgan Printing?
I enjoy working in the garden and going fishing.

What song would you sing at Karaoke?

O Sole Mio

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