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With the arrival of digital media came the inevitable cries that traditional print was on the way out; had lived its glory days; was on its last legs. But while the global trends towards digital advertising and media have grown, print too has held its place in the spectrum.

One of the most attractive aspects of print, one that it will always hold over its digital counterpart, is its tangibility. We are able to hold it, feel it, smell it and even taste it (if that’s your thing). We are able to not only read its message but also be immersed in the message portrayed by the union of paper, ink and creativity, each element having been chosen to play a particular part in communicating content to the reader. Printed material, in its most simple form, a business card for example, is a more permanent fixture than an email that can be deleted and disappear forever with the simple click of a mouse. Beautiful glossy magazines and wedding invitations can become a kind of keepsake or even collectors items. Think about how bridal magazines are passed from one friend to the next, even down through generations; or that prized edition of the September issue of Vogue, destined never to appear in your doctors waiting room.

By creating your own content and packaging it in an attractive way you’re immediately taking advantage of what makes print a great medium. It is this tangibility that is the backbone of why print has always been successful and will continue to be so.

Now that everyone has a website, print has become a way for a businesses to stand out from its competitors. Lets face it, we live in a digital age, but putting all your eggs in one basket when it comes to getting your message across is a recipe for failure. Think of this in terms of a brand or company on social media, anyone can join social media to promote their brand but you need more than just this one medium to stand out and be taken seriously.


Print is still an extremely effective tool, especially when working in conjunction with digital. Well crafted, customised print pieces like booklets, brochures and boutique magazines used alongside an online marketing campaign can strengthen a message. A printed piece can also be a tool to point customers to your online presence. Including your web address, Twitter handle, Facebook page, and other social media information on your printed material has become standard procedure in recent times.

Print is still, and will continue to be, a viable and reliable method of reaching your customers and delivering your message. In the face of an ever expanding digital world it may have a different place but the death of print has been greatly exaggerated. Proof of this fact is right in front of you, Morgan Printing, still succeeding and moving forward after over 35 years in business. The fact that you’re reading this blog shows that we’re also embracing our digital counterpart for the part it plays in our business.

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