New Year, New Look, New Logo

Happy New Year!

Despite being 18 January 2016 we are still filled with that New Year feeling. Our holiday glow is far from being faded, our work attire could best be described as ‘vacation smart’ and we are only in the early stages of discussing how we are going to shift the excess kilos we gathered from dining room-hopping over the Christmas break. We are relaxed, joyful and completely ready for 2016.

Last year we decided that we wanted to kick off 2016 with a big change; we were ready to shake things up and we wanted a fresh new look for Morgan Printing. Over the past three years the business has experienced some fantastic growth; whilst changing and moving with that growth (it can be tricky when the business is over 40 years old) we have managed to refine our approach to become clearer about our position in the print industry and the direction Morgan Printing will take in the up coming years. It was time for our branding to come up to the level of work we produce.

For the first time we decided to have a design firm do this update for us. We have always designed our own logo but we felt it was really important to step away from the process and have some else with loads of talent design something that they believed represented our business well. We handed this baby over to our amazing clients, Smack Bang Designs. They worked their magic and presented us with some pretty exceptional options (everyone at Morgan Printing spent many a coffee break staring at A3 pieces of paper with beautiful designs sprawled across them) until we finally arrived at our new gem of a logo. She is a real beauty – strong, traditional yet contemporary and down right clever.

As you can see (go on have a look) we have updated our website to reflect this new look, we have taken the opportunity to give our portfolio a shuffle around and load it up with some more recent work as well.

We would love to hear what you think of our make over, so hit us up – leave us a comment, drop us an email or go old school and give us a call.

In 2016 we look forward to producing exceptional print, strengthening our relationships with our very supportive clients and working with businesses and brands that we respect and mirror our passion in their chosen field.


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  1. Love the new look!!


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